The Central Civil Registry Archive, the functions of which include registration of the deaths abroad of Spanish citizens, contains a series of documents belonging to the Ministry of Justice comprising 4,440 bound ""Official death notices of Spaniards who died in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany"", issued in France by the Directorate of Civil Status Disputes and Investigations of the Ministry of Ex-Combatants and Victims of War."

Not much information is available on the specific details of these documents, but it seems that the French authorities sent them to Spain at the end of the 1950s and that all the files were bound into 10 volumes at the end of the 1960s

Following filtering, this database includes transcriptions of the content of the individual files on each of the victims included in the ""Death notices"" and digitised images of each file

Interested parties must request all certificates relating to this documentation and required for legal and registry purposes from the Central Civil Registry Archive

Ministry of Justice